Men’s Designer Driving Shoes


For the basketball player, the sprinter, the footballer or the boxer, picking out the perfect pair of shoes is typically an easy experience. In this case, one can simply go online, read some reviews and pick their top choice in under an hour, walking away with the best product to suit their needs. For those of us involved in parkour; however, things get a little different. Beginner and advanced athletes in this sport have two very different needs. Let’s take a look at what sets a beginner’s shoe apart from an advanced athlete’s shoe on

The Grip

Parkour ShoesThose new to parkour just haven’t gotten the proper form down to cleanly execute all of the moves required in the sport. Like any other sport, improper form can lead to injury. With added grip on one’s shoes, landing a jump in a less-than-perfect manner can lead to slipping, which can then lead to injury. A shoe with lots of grip can give you instant traction wherever you may happen to land, reducing said risk of injury. For the expert-level athlete; however, this may prove to give them less control. Perhaps they need their foot to slide a bit to pull off a certain move and it will help to view a comparison table on that.

The Elemental Protection

For the beginner jumping from platform to platform above a muddy surface, the last thing one needs after falling is to end up with a muddy foot. Of coarse, to the experienced, falling isn’t an issue and the added material used to keep water and mud out of shoes will cause the model to be heavier, which may in turn slow the athlete down.


The Thickness

For a moment, let’s forget the thickness of the sole and focus on the rest of the shoe. There’s a reason athletes don’t perform in sandals – because they offer absolutely zero ankle support. The thicker the shoes for driving, the more support the wearer will have. The beginner who may twist their ankle desperately needs this added support to prevent injury. The downside to this is the lack of flexibility regarding one’s ankles. If you’re advanced enough that twisted ankles aren’t a concern, thick mens driving shoe with lots of ankle support will likely hold you back more than anything. It’s important; however, to not graduate to support-less shoes until one is sure they don’t need them. Getting injured and taking a month off of practice will be a lot more of a hindrance on one’s abilities than thick shoes.


The Toe Flexibility

Try picking up a pencil with your toes while wearing a standard pair of jogging shoes. Doesn’t work, right? The giant layer of rubber between your feet and the ground leave your toes completely non-operational. Shoes with thin soles (such as mesh shoes) can completely eliminate this issue, allowing one to perform more advanced moves. The downside to this is that, upon landing on a sharp corner, your foot will be in searing pain. It’s important shoes like these only be worn once one can be sure they won’t land on painful objects.